Installing your own OSCAd instance

For installing an OSCAd instance do:

  • Obtain any OSCAd package.
  • Extract the tar.gz or zip file inside of your apache http root.
  • Change into the directory fileadmin/php/ .
  • Open a shell and call php ./prepare-oscad.php .
  • Call your webserver url: http.//your-domain/foscad/index.html .

Improving your own OSCAd instance

For modifying your own OSCAd instance do:

  • Modify / replace the html, css and/or js files for setting up your request interface.
  • Modify fileadmin/php/oscad.php and the fileadmin/php/include-files for improving the model, controler, view based application.
  • Modify fileadmin/php/master-files/osuc-master-files/osuc-XYZ-inc-master.php for improving the general open source use case descriptions.
  • Modify fileadmin/php/master-files/lsuc-master-files/LICENSE/LICENSE-cXYZ-inc-master.php for improving the license specific use case descriptions.